Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Benton resident Dean Marshall rightfully calls out Press Enterprize editor, Jim Sachetti

Dear Sir; 
The Editorial published 8-12-14 in PE has numerous factual errors and achieves a new low in  journalism.
It begins by labeling the "green" left as "irrational", "knee-jerk conservatives" with "closed minds", "leading any fair-minded observer to conclude that they did not feel the need to ascertain facts."   

I must conclude that you sir, are the epitome of the previous descriptions.  The commenters you have cited and who were named in the 8-7-14 article by your own Susan Schwartz, (Public decries pipeline plan), included Teachers, Healthcare workers, a Restoration Ecologist, a Professor with published works on Ecology, Local Residents, and concerned citizens of no particular Political Party, as you allude. We have taken the time to find the facts. We have attended these meetings and hearings for several years.  Were you at the FERC mtg. Mr. Sachetti, or did you arrive at your narrow-minded opinion based on the work of Ms. Schwartz?

Furthermore, the  fact that fracking, was "denounced", was and is Central to the Pipeline issue due to the fact that if FERC approves Williams plan as a "Public Convenience" it will grant Eminent Domain rights for the taking of Right of Way when the truth is that Williams fracking partners intended to fill this pipeline with a steady supply of Marcellus Gas for Export.  This is a known fact and the proof is readily available by reading the "Forward Looking Statements" on the Stock pages of Cabot, Range Resources, Anadarko, and all the other fracking Companies also listed by Williams as contracted customers for the 42" LNG Export Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline.
It seems that you, Mr Sachetti, have undermined your credibility by failing to do your homework, and disclosing your bias.  We do not feel that using any and all forums to educate the public so they can make an informed decision is "Grandstanding" as you put it.   Fracking for Unnatural Gas has become a huge investment and this project is aimed at making a huge return, by peddling it to Asia and thus raising the prices here.  So much for "Cheap, Abundant, American Energy Independence".  If these greedy corporations invested in Sustainable Energy development we "Greens" would not "behave badly".      
                                                                                                                       Dean H.Marshall