Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Do You Love The Endless Mountains?

click here: Bradford, Sullivan & Lycoming Counties: sign the petition NOW!

As a resident of the Endless Mountains region, you know better than just about everyone how special your home is. For generations, visitors have flocked to the area from all over to enjoy the region's river gateways, rolling hills, family farms, river towns, historic districts and quaint rural villages.

But the Central New York Oil and Gas Company wants to install an industrial gas pipeline that would slice through the region and tear up almost 600 acres of land. It would replace wooded mountains and pastoral landscapes with 39 miles of pipeline and massive pieces of industrial machinery. Worse, it will pave the way for thousands of new gas wells -- and all the pollution that comes along with them.

What's more, the project could devastate the local tourist economy and trample over landowner rights by granting the company powers of eminent domain.

The oil and gas industry has been given subsidies and special treatment. In return, they've polluted our air and water and delayed our transition to a clean energy economy. Now they want to ruin one of the most special places on earth: your home.

So far local officials have turned a blind eye to the serious impacts of this project. But if their constituents stand up and say "enough is enough," they might be persuaded to step in and oppose the project, at least until a full environmental review is prepared. Add your name to the petition asking them to do just that.

Our goal is to have signatures from 3,315 residents from Bradford County, 300 residents from Sullivan County, and 710 residents from Lycoming County -- representing the largest margin of victory in each county's most recent county commissioner election. Those are the kind of numbers that matter to your elected officials, so spread the word!

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  1. When my husband retired 8 years ago,and we moved to Estella we had peace,quiet,and no smog,and we want it to stay that way !!!!!
    Bev. Fraim