Friday, June 1, 2012

Breaking News:

Breaking News: House Denies Clean Water Act Protection of America's Waterways

Rhetoric vs. Reality, Part II: Assessing the Impact of New Federal Red Tape on Hydraulic Fracturing and American Energy Independence

PA/DEP Secretary Director Michael Krancer needs to be challenged and called out on his misleading testimony and outright lies. Watch and listen to his testimony which begins right after Cornell's Dr. Robert Howarth at 22:16 minutes. Continue to listen to more of Krancer's lies when questioned by Mr. Connolly. Krancer wants no pre-emptive federal oversight of oil and gas activities to interfere, or override state regulations.

Also, note how Chairman Lankford and Vice-Chairman Kelly ask Krancer leading questions designed to dismiss any environmental problems and health risks in Dimock, and act like that is the only instance of any problems. Lankford and Kelly also parrot endlessly the industries tired 'talking points' of "energy independence, jobs, economic benefits, and of course, 'no documented case of ground water contamination'".

 These people need to be called out, by the people who are well informed, and those whose lives are being ruined by this industry.

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