Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Here are two pieces of toxic legislation

Here are two pieces of toxic legislation of Senator Gene Yaw (SB 738 & SB 739) and one by Senator Joe Scarnati (SB 1047), that require our attention, and demand a loud public outcry of outrage and resistance.

In a nut shell, SB 738 and SB 739 are meant to promote the expansion and use of natural gas in rural PA where it is not currently available. Sounds good, right? That is until you realize that the municipalities are expected to pay for the infrastructure with property tax dollars. That will not include the individual hook up to private homes, and businesses. The property owner will be responsible to pay for that. Once the infrastructure is in place, and this gas is being used as fuel to heat homes and hot water, they will then be considered "public utilities" and will have the power of "eminent domain" in every community. Now, as well know that the price of any commodity is based on supply, demand, and production cost. Therefore, this will ultimately reduce the supply, increase the demand, and increase production costs and increase the price significantly. So, SB 378 & SB 379 will ultimately increase property taxes and home heating costs, while we will be forced to relinquish the right to negotiate for, or simply just say no to pipeline right-of-way on private property. Sort of another of Gene Yaw's "back door" give-a-ways to the O&G companies.

SB 738

SB 739

Scarnati's SB 1047 is what you might call the "super bowl" play to remove environmental regulations from getting in the way of the O&G industry by "redefining" what are endangered species of animal, fish, and plants, in Pennsylvania and forcing them to be "re-evaluated" or "designated" every two years. This will systematically remove most endangered species listed in PA, including natural habitats, breeding grounds, nesting areas, fisheries, native plants, etc., allowing them to be obliterated by the O&G industry, Commercial Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO's), and any industrial activity or infrastructure that accompanies them.  

SB 1047

Bottom line, if this legislation should get passed and signed into law by Gov. Corbett (as if there was any doubt that he intends to sign them), the people in rural PA will end up with higher property tax, higher utility costs, loss of control of their private property, while we watch the destruction of our way of life for wholesale industrialization of PA. More corporate profits by socializing the costs.

Now don't just take my word for it, or blindly accept my synopsis. Instead, I strongly suggest everyone use the links I provided to read these proposed bills and contact you state reps, state senators, and your congressman and remind them they are supposed to be representing the people and if they dare support this legislation, they're fired!  I promise you, it's not a long read, and not that difficult to understand. Just keep in mind who proposed these bills, who has signed on to support them, and what they're motivations are by looking to see who is supporting them. Look them up on: Marcellus Money

*Joe Scarnati: $359,145.72 from the oil and gas companies

*Gene Yaw:  $3,700.00 from the oil and gas companies,  but does stand to profit from the land he leased to Anadarko, not that that means there's a "conflict of interest" in any pro-industry regulation he introduces or supports.

Personally, I find it insulting that they think the people of PA are that stupid and that we're not paying attention, and that they don't think there is going to be any political consequences!  

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