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These production figures are taken directly from industry reports and the PA/DEP data base, and from campaign finance disclosures. (*The 2013 financial disclosures won't be available until a few weeks before the 2014 primaries.) 
(*I'm guessing that's a bit more accurate than the MDN blog, or the industry's press releases to "friendly" media outlets.) 
But first, here's a really interesting figure. It's the dollar amount in fines levied against the industry for various violations $ 4,585,557.00: the total amount of penalties assessed in Pennsylvania to date.  
(Wow!) That's $22,541,443 less than they paid for the legislature... in "campaign funds" of course, and that's even not counting the $1,833,275 in "lobbying expenditures".  

New Report: Natural Gas Industry Has Spent More Than $23 Million to Influence PA Elected Officials update details $774,000 in new contributions; $6.8 million in new lobbying in 2011 and 2012 
HARRISBURG, PA--The natural gas industry and related trade groups have now given nearly $8 million to Pennsylvania state candidates and political committees since 2000, according to new research by Common Cause Pennsylvania and Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania. Top recipients of industry money given between 2000 and April 2012 were Governor Tom Corbett (R) with $1,813,205.59, Senate President Joseph Scarnati (R-25) with $359,145.72, Rep. Dave Reed (R-62) with $137,532.33, House Majority Leader Rep. Mike Turzai (R-28) with $98,600, and Sen. Don White (R-41) with $94,150.
Total contributions from natural gas interests between 2000 and 2012: $8 million
Total lobbying expenditures by natural gas interests between 2007 and 2012: $15.7 million
View the data online or download the data sheet.
After reaching an all-time annual high of $1.6 million in 2010, the new study found that contributions declined to $560,800 in 2011. Lobbying expenditures surged during this same period, however, with $5 million being spent in 2011, an increase of $1 million from 2010. An additional $1.8 million was spent in the first three months of 2012, bringing the total since Q1 2007 to $15.7 million.
“The industry has largely had its way in Pennsylvania and has spent millions to put their friends in the state legislature and the Governor’s mansion,” said James Browning, Regional Director of State Operations for Common Cause. “The industry’s focus now is on protecting these investments and maintaining access to key elected officials.” 
“Pennsylvania politicians sold gas companies the right to pollute Pennsylvania’s land, air, and water for bargain basement prices,” said Josh McNeil, Executive Director of Conservation Voters of PA.  “For their $23 million political investment, gas companies avoided hundreds of millions in taxes that could have paid for thousands of teachers, roads and desperately needed environmental protections.” 
Pennsylvania continues to be one of just 11 states that fail to limit campaign contributions, and the state’s failure to require electronic filing of campaign finance reports has resulted in delays by the Pennsylvania Department of State in making these reports available on its website. According to Common Cause, less than half of the reports due to be filed by all candidates at the end of last March were available on the DOS website as of April 20, just four days before the April 24 primary. is a collaboration of Common Cause PA and the Conversation Voters of PA
Production Drop-Off Data:
Average Per-Day Production in 6 Month Segments - entire State of Pennsylvania

The graphs below display the average per-day production values
   for wells as they progress through 3 years of production.

3,503 - qualifying wells used in average per-day production calculations

70 % - percentage drop in production over 36 month period
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Average Per-Day Production in 6 Month Segments
          Based on production data up to Jun 30th, 2013
 PA DEP Well Inspections and Cited Violations for the Entire State

46,130: the total number of inspections reported in Pennsylvania to date.

Lycoming County is the county with the highest number of inspections to date (6218 ).

4,632: the total number of violations reported in Pennsylvania to date.

Susquehanna County is the county with the highest number of violations to date (841 ).

$ 4,585,557.00: the total amount of penalties assessed in Pennsylvania to date.

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Graph: PA DEP Well Inspections and Cited Violations per County for the State of Pennsylvania
          Pennsylvania Counties in Alpabetical Order
          Based on data from Nov. 16th, 2013
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Graph: PA DEP Well Inspections and Cited Violations per Year for the State of Pennsylvania
          Based on PA DEP compliance data from Nov. 16th, 2013

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