Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sept. 7 - 8. 2011 in Philly's Convention Center

The Marcellus Shale Coalition [drillers' shillers], are holding their 2011 conference in PHILADELPHIA - Sept. 7 - 8. 2011 in Philly's Convention Center.

Please get the word out to all of your Philly networks. The MSC canceled their 2010 Conference, which was to be held in Pittsburgh, [they never gave a reason for the cancellation].

This is only February, plenty of time for Philly activists to get together & plan a Grand Slam.

I will be there, and will try to get a coalition from Sullivan County, PA to attend as well.

*The people of Philadelphia have been a powerful voice in defending our state against this industrial intrusion. Although I now live in Sullivan County, PA, I was born and raised in Philadelphia, and am proud of my old home town.

Sert. 7th & 8th... I'm there!

When people lead, leaders follow.

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