Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pennsylvania: The Best (Worst) State Government Oil & Gas Money Can Buy

It is no wonder that the gas industry in Pennsylvania feels so confident in their ability to invade Pennsylvania. After all, they certainly spent enough to buy it, or at least the 'political favor' they need.

Not since the day of Tammany Hall has our political system seen such rampant corruption on all levels. I don't pretend to have a difinitive solution, but I do offer one course of action that is within our grasp. Vote out the encumbents.

It won't fix the system, but it will send a message to the political 'hacks' that the money they accept in campaign contributions will not insure they're re-election. Almost all politicians, the day after they are elected, begin to campaign to be re-elected. We need to make them understand that their only hope of re-election is to honestly serve the voters who put them in office.

They need to understand that without our votes, they will be of no use to the special interest groups, lobbyists, or corporate influenece pedlers if they don't have our votes, and to get our votes, they MUST serve the best interest of the people they're supposed to represent.  

Follow the Money - Pennsylvania Politics

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  1. What Money can buy.....

    Terrance "Terry" Pegula was appointed the Marcellus Shale Advisory Committee.

    "Terry" lives in Florida with his wife Kim.

    "Terry" use to own East Resources. East Resources had a middling record of complying with environmental regulations in Pennsylvania, his base of operations. The company paid the largest regulatory fine in its history and was involved in a spill of toxic wastewater that resulted in the first quarantine of cattle in the history of natural gas drilling in the state.

    "Terry" sold East Resources to Royal Dutch Shell Corporation, (headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands).

    "Terry" donated $100,000 to Corbett's campaign. Kim donated $180,000 to Corbett's campaign, Kim listed her occupation as an Executive for Royal Dutch Shell Corporation.

    For sports trivia fans - "Terry" is also one of the principle owners of the Buffalo Sabers Hockey team

    here are the links if you want to "fact check"