Thursday, May 19, 2011

This is what is coming to Sullivan County, PA

This lasted for nine days straight. It just 'vents methane' without the flaring for seven days, then 'flares' again for another nine days.

This is what is coming to Sullivan County, PA with the blessing, and encouragement of our county commissioners, the SulCo Energy Task Force, State Rep Tina Pickett, and Senator Gene Yaw.

This is from a five-well pad. Just imagine what this will look like, sound like, and smell like in Sullivan County, in your back yard, or your neighbors back yard, when there are 1500+/- well pads supporting 5500+/- gas wells, and approximately 100 compressor stations.

Remember that in the general election.

I suggest you all: call, visit, email, or write them and share with them your thoughts, concerns, and ask them where their loyalty lies. With the people who elected them, or the gas industry. 

Sullivan County Commissioners:
Darla Bortz <>
(running for re-election, leased landowner, lobbying for compressor stations in Sullivan County, and accepting campaign 'funding' from the gas industry)

Betty Reibson <>
(not running for re-election, but is now Director of Industry Relations, and is hoping for a well on her property)

Beb Getz <>
(running for re-election, leased landowner)
*All three of the mentioned commissioners signed a letter, sent to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), and asked that they "look beyond the localized concerns of some citizens, and the interest of Sullivan County" and urged them to approve the MARC-1 Pipeline Project which will severely impact 48 private properties in it's path, and become the enabler for the massive industrialization of Sullivan County, loss of tourism, loss of property value, loss of property, and will put public health and safety at high risk.

Senator Gene Yaw:
(cares ONLY about the state budget, and whose election was heavily 'funded' by the gas industry)

State Reprsentative Tina Pickett:
(does not even own property in PA, lives in a rental community, and whose election campaign was heavily 'funded' by the gas industry)

Sullivan County Energy Task Force Chairman:
John Silla <>
(appointed by the Sul Co Commissioners, gas lease holder, privately heavily invested in pipeline stock, and head of the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce)

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