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Tuesday June 7 people from across the state will come to Harrisburg PA

On Tuesday June 7 people from across the state will come to Harrisburg PA to let their representatives know that our leaders need to protect our water, air and land from unsafe, unregulated gas drilling practices in the Marcellus Shale.
I have set up several buses on our website with a shopping cart. Please Share this email.

To purchase a seat online: or call 1-800-200-2229 to place an order over the telephone by credit card MC/VISA. Free and Discounted seats are available too.

There will be speakers at the rally on the capitol steps. We have the steps from 10am -2pm. The main event will be held at 12-1pm. Josh Fox, director of the Academy Awards nominated documentary Gasland, will be there! Josh and others will shine a light on this issue. I feel such a sense of community and joy each time I reach out and attend events to preserve our magnificent state. I believe you will too.

Below are links to articles, videos and websites that will educate you and your friends about WHY so many people are concerned, outraged and determined to take action in their home towns and in Harrisburg. If you think it is enough that some of us are involved – be aware – the only way we can be certain to protect our state from irreversible damage is for each and every one to take action. THE TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW!

Please call me, and share my contact information with others. I am more than willing to do my part to educate and inform my fellow Pennsylvanians about what the oil and gas industry has in store for us. Pennsylvania has experienced some of the most tragic outcomes of energy exploration in the past. Please read up on the town of Centralia, PA to see an example of a ghost town due to the coal industry. At a minimum we should learn from our experience – industry comes in, makes money and leaves behind a mess for tax payers!

The gas industry projects tens of thousands of wells in PA, each producing about 1 million gallons of toxic wastewater per frack, and each well can be fracked multiple times. The sheer magnitude of this exploration is the tipping point which makes it imperative that we have the proper policy in place BEFORE more damage is done. In the first several years of drilling in PA there have been over 1000 serious violations. Some of these violations can be seen on the PA Department of Environmental Protection website. I have included the link to violations below. But, the newest tragedies may not be posted until much later, such as the Bradford County Blowout in April 2011.

Links to the sponsors of our Rally and Lobby Day on June7…

Important action step….when you join us in Harrisburg on June 7 you can meet with your legislators in a small group.

Meetings range from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm. Most visits last approximately 15 minutes. Please sign-up ASAP for lobby visits. Lobby visit training will be provided.

Schedule on-line with the following organizations.

PennEnvironment June 7 Lobby sign-up

PA Campaign for Clean Water June 7 Lobby sign-up
PA Campaign for Clean Water


Videos from experts about the current gas drilling practices…
Dr. Anthony R. Ingraffea

DR. Theo Colborn

The Facts on Fracking by Dr. Anthony R. Ingraffea Dec 16, 2010

Dr. Conrad Volz, Director of the University of Pittsburgh Center for Healthy Environments and Communities March 15, 2011. Speaking at Misericordia University

Great Websites for organizations that have been deeply involved in gas drilling issues…

Articles that have been recently published…

New York Times – “Drilling Down in Pennsylvania” Four Articles by Ian Urbina…
1. Regulation Lax Gas Wells’ tainted Water Hits Rivers

2. Wastewater Recycling No Cure-All in gas Process

3. Pressure Limits Efforts to Police Drilling for Gas

4. E.P.A. Steps Up Scrutiny of Pollution in Pennsylvania Rivers

Take a look below at some of the violations in PA. This is from the PA Dept of Environmental Protection website…

Oil & Gas
Inspections - Violations - Enforcements
Updated 4/06/2011
· 2011 (January thru March)
· 2009
· 2008

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