Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Williamsport Sun-Gazzette: "A Rigged Game" May 29, 2011

Yes... it's a 'rigged' game.

The gas industry, and those who will profit from it, endlessly speak of economic opportunity, local jobs, energy independence, and tax revenue for the townships' but never mention the long term, environmental, and social economic affects this will have on our rural communities. They call this industrialization a game changer. That much I agree with, but they never address exactly how the game will change, or how they will accomplish their goals.

The gas industry came to Pennsylvania, waved the flag of patriotism, said we'd become wealthy, told us this would lead to energy independence, local jobs, and affordable energy, because if they told us the truth, most people would have sent the landman packing and not signed a lease. The same reason they lied about horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing being "100 percent safe".

The real truth is, for this game to really be profitable for them, the oil and gas industry need to turn rural U.S. into third-world style gas and oil fields. They've been doing this overseas for decades using the same tactics they're using here. They try to discredit and villify any well-informed opposition, ghost-write favorable legislation, retain the most powerful law firms in the state so they can't represent any citizens or communities that will be negatively impacted by their activities, and eventually drive people off their land by making it unlivable by depleting and/or contaminating it's natural resources.
Once they do that, the local jobs disappear, and the industries that were always our cherished mainstays in Pennsylvania like agriculture, tourism, recreation, forestry, new home building, small family businesses, are now out of their way and a thing of the past.

We need to slow down and come to our senses before it's too late.  - John Trallo

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